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Klanttevredenheid en technische ondersteuning  is één van onze topprioriteiten

Mark Bennik

Trace Digital Europe NV.,



1983 . Trace Digital Europe NV is ontstaan uit Trace Products.

Trace Digital Europe’s origin stems from Trace Products, founded in 1983 with over 17 years experience in developing and manufacturing industrial grade automated duplication equipment. Trace companies have proven their expertise in providing high volume, reliable solutions to the software manufacturing industry with an estimated 80 percent of all flexible diskettes in the world duplicated on Trace equipment.
As the Optical markets continued to grow, Trace Products responded by creating business units to address the specific needs to those customers and markets.


2002 . Trace Digital Europe NV. wordt een onafhankelijke onderneming.

Trace Digital Europe NV. becomes an independent organization and is managed by Mark Bennik with more then 20 years of experience in international sales and support.
New products were added to the existing range.
FlexWriter to serve the growing desktop/office market.
XPress to strengthen the “production” and “on-demand” market.
StandAlone copiers and manual towers to complete the product pallet.

VersaCopier with Teac P55

2006 . Trace Digital Europe NV. breidt haar CD/DVD copiers&printers portfolio verder uit.

Trace Digital Europe NV. expands their product range with the “VersaCopier” and “VersaAutoPrinter”-series. This to serve a complete pallet of Desktop-systems with high-end capabilities.
The VersaDuet is born and unique in our whole industry.

M6210 Small

2007 . Trace Digital Europe NV. voegt de IMI-Duplicators toe aan haar portfolio.

Trace Digital Europe NV. expands their product range with the IMI-Duplicators. International Microsystems, Inc. is leading the flash memory card industry with the latest in card duplicating and testing technology. Trace Digital Europe is the official distributor for the BENELUX.


2009 . Trace Digital Europe NV voegt de “Degaussers” van VSSP toe aan haar portfolio.

 Trace Digital Europe NV adds the Degaussers from VSSP
( Former Verity ) to their portfolio. Completing with a new territory
“The Disk Care- and repair-machines from AzuraDisc”.


2013 . Trace Digital Europe NV zet zijn eerste stappen in de wereld van 3D Printers en “Trace 3D Printer” ziet het levenslicht.

Trace Digital Europe NV enters the market of 3D Printers and Trace 3D Printer is born. Starting with the personal 3D-printer “AFINIA” and for the professional market with the Carima DLP-printers ( KOREA ). They do this in co-operation with the company Almteq from the Netherlands.


2014 . Trace 3D Printer wordt Benelux Distributeur van de 3D Was Printers van de firma Solidscape ( de wereldleider van de 3D “verloren was”-technologie ).

Trace 3D Printer, een afdeling van Trace Digital Europe NV, mag zich vanaf 1 Juli officiëel Reseller noemen voor de Benelux van de firma Solidscape Inc. uit de US en hun portfolio van 3D Wax Printers met name 3Z Studio, 3Z Pro en 3Z Max2. Lokale technische ondersteuning wordt verzekerd via specialisten die werden opgeleid door Solidscape in de US.

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