As the leader of 3D wax printer companies in the industry, Solidscape develops and delivers 3D solutions for advanced direct digital manufacturing. With the Solidscape range of 3D printers and materials, customers can create high-precision wax patterns, used for investment casting, and finish it in metal.


Disruptive 3D Rapid Prototyping

How can a manufacturer use a new and radically effective way to get things done, transform their process, reduce costs and shorten lead times without a significant tooling investment ? Through the use of wax printed parts.

Because the Solidscape tolerances are so thight and the surface and details are so precise, casting can be done directly from the orginal 3D printed part with no costly post processing hand finishing !


Reproducing Priceless Artifacts

JIIC ( Birmingham City, University’s Jewellery Industry Innovation Centre ) is internationally respected for its expertise in utilizing highly complex CAD/CAM and laser technologies.

The duplicate cross, along with other and future replicas, allow for up close and personal, hands-on interaction with historical materials. The 3D printing process also allows for unique hypothetical prototyping. As well as creating the models representing the Hoard artifacts as they are now, the JIIC is using 3D printing technology to extrapolate what the objects would have looked like when they were first created.

The [Solidscape] build quality is fine, the repeatability is excellent and it’s pretty much ‘press go and leave.’ Our favorite process is to switch it on at night … and then take the stuff off the next morning and do all the final finishing. It’s never failed us.

Frank Cooper


Micro Precision Casting

When do you need micro precision casting? When you’re creating small pieces or working mechanical parts that demand precision. When producing the highest quality surface finish on models with intricate and critical micro details is mandatory. When demanding and complex design geometries (such as angles, curves, cavities, hollows, and varying wall thickness) are required.

“We have cast from aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and precious metals from the wax cores, all with excellent surface finish and accuracy,” states Christian. “We believe that the quality of the parts is now the best in the world.  Successfully casting this object was only possible with Solidscape.”