Solidscape S325 - The best Price/Performance Model

The S325

With the S325 Solidscape delivers extraordinary precision you need at the right price.

Jewelers are free to design innovative custom jewelry without limits and manufacture

with less work than with other technologies.

With the S325, Solidscape puts performance, reliability, price and precision in one single printer.

You don’t have to look further, this is probably your best 3D Wax printer ever.  

SolidscapeDL - the first Solidscape DLP 3D Printer

The Solidscape DL

Specifications :

Best in class castable resins

High defenition models

Backed by Solidscape’s unmatched customer service

Global network of technical support specialists

Solidscape Inc. places the S390 into the market. The "game changer" with "solidjet"-technology.

De S390

Specifications :

New print-technology : the “Solidjet”-technology

Enhance your printcapacity without jeopardize it’s quality

Enhance your printcapacity without jeopardize it’s the lifetime

Enhance your printcapacity without jeopardize it’s wax-consumption

Included “Quatro Jet stream” and “Solidscape Base”

Solidscape Inc. places the S300-serie ( S350 & S370 ) into the market. The next generation of the proven 3Z-series ( 3Z Pro & 3Z Max2)

De S350 : successor of the 3Z Pro

De S370 : successor of the 3Z Max2

Specifications :

New ( and correct ) measurement of the amount of wax in the extended ( 10 crayons ) tank

Improved heat-up procedure after a “wake-up” or “cold start” of the printer

Redesigned “heated line/jet” & “heated line/tank” connections

Software overhault for Volume – en MDS calibration

Printhead”- & Camera cable re-routed and seperated from the “heated line” cables

The working- and printing principles, aswellas the speed has not changed compared to the 3Z-serie.

Reason of introduction :  reaching an even higher level of reliability

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